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Great Depression: Eleanor Roosevelt's Influence

Did You Know . . .

"Besides serving as a symbol of public-spirited womanhood in a time of national crisis, Eleanor Roosevelt served as the conscience of the New Deal."

Eleanor Roosevelt

Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins

"Frances Perkins served in Roosevelt's administration as Industrial Commissioner and became the first female cabinet member when FDR appointed her Secretary of Labor, a position she held throughout Roosevelt's presidency."

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First Lady Roosevelt Cared for America's People

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt working at a soup kitchen. c1933.

E. ROOSEVELT (1884-1962). - First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt Working At A Soup Kitchen. Photograph, C1933.. Fine Art. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 16 Jan 2012.

Ellen Sullivan Woodward

"Ellen Sullivan Woodward went to Washington in August 1933 to be the federal director of work relief for women, a job that was considered to be the second most important to which President Franklin Roosevelt appointed a woman. Only Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins ranked higher."

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