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Great Depression: Great Depression - Causes

Men Who Affected Stock Market

Big time stock market players:

  • Jesse Livermore - Wall Street insider

  • Michael Meehan -  Stock specialist

  • Charles Mitchell -  President of National City Bank (Citibank)

  • William Durant - "King of the Bulls" and General Motors founder

These men amassed their fortunes by buying and selling stocks, thereby manipulating the stock market.

Economic Factors

  • agricultural overproduction
  • industrial overproduction
  • income disparity
  • easy credit
  • unemployment
  • worldwide depression
  • high tariffs
  • natural disasters

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1932 Democrat Election Poster

Smilette', Democrat Election Poster, 1932: 'Smile away the Depression', 'Smile us into Prosperity'.
Smilette', Democrat Election Poster, 1932 . Fine Art. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 11 Jan 2012