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Great Depression: FDR

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1933 Election

FDR: INAUGURATION, 1933. - Official program for the first inauguration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt with his Vice President John N. Garner.
FDR: INAUGURATION, 1933. - Official Program For The First Inauguration Of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.. Fine Art. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 14 Jan 2012

“The only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”

Did You Know . . .

Purpose of the New Deal was three-fold:
  • Relief 
    • by providing immediate assistance to American citizens

  • Recovery
    • by providing long term help to American citizens so that they could provide for themselves
  • Reform
    • by changing situations that led to the Great Depression

And Did You Know . . .

FDR's New Deal had many parts:
  1. Economic Stabilization
  2. Bank Reform
  3. Other Financial Reform
  4. Rural & Farm Assistance
  5. Public Works
  6. Housing & Mortgage Reform
  7. Relief & Welfare
  8. Labor Law & Assistance
  9. Regulation of Trade, Transport & Communications
  10. General Good Sense
In his second day in office, March 5, FDR declares a Bank Holiday
"By closing the banks, the administration was able to signal to the American people that it had secured their money-the bottom had been hit and there was no need to fear further losses."

FDR's 'Brain Trust'

The Brain Trust  was a group of academic advisors to President Roosevelt. At its core were three Columbia University professors plus three other members.

FDR relied on his Brain Trust to help him guide the country's economic recovery. It was synonymous with FDR's New Deal.

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