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Author Study: Oscar Wilde Curated by Emily Liu '23: Life and Death

Life and Death in The Nightingale and The Rose

Life’s worth is tied with scarification and passion

When the nightingale sang her last song, the more passionate she was, the louder her songs were. Her life was drained because of her passion, and it was worth it in her behalf. She fulfilled her value to love by sacrificing her own life. This shows that there’re still people who are willing to sacrifice for their believes and values. And that’s a beautiful scarification.

Life and Death in The Picture of Dorian Gray

Art has the power to shape’s a person’s life

Lord Henry view life as a form of art, therefore, he taught Dorian various ways to live as living in arts. Lord Henry admire Dorian’s beauty, and therefore encourage him to use his beauty as a weapon. In Lord Henry’s life, the boundary between life and art got blurred out. This shows that as a person devoted himself in arts, he normally couldn’t distinguish what is art and what is not.

Life and Death in The Canterville Ghost

Death is sometimes the destination for forever peace

The ghost yearns for peace, and his peace can only be reach by him dying. Sometimes people value life more than they suppose to, in this short story, Wilde discussed that there’s other things more important than life.