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Author Study: Oscar Wilde Curated by Emily Liu '23

General Introduction

    What are some great themes in the field of writing? The answer to this question completely depend on what type of a person you are. One might say "writers writes for the society", or the other might say "writers writes to show us their own world". Under those two different point of views, many writers developed themes such as death, love, financial wealth, social repression, lust, awards and punishments... 

    Many people say that the most outstanding theme in Oscar Wilde's writing is love. He wrote that "love can read the writings on the remotest star", he also wrote that "the aim of love is to love". In his writings, readers will always find Wilde hide his own understanding and philosophy of love in his work, and readers find it appealing because Wilde used his characters to fulfill this approach. Besides love, Wilde also wrote about wealth and social class differentiations, human's sin and kindness, the philosophy of beauty, plus many other intriguing themes. 


    Under this main page I briefly touched on some key themes Oscar Wilde wrote about.