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Author Study: Oscar Wilde Curated by Emily Liu '23: Oscar Wilde's Writing Style

General Description

    Many would say that Oscar Wilde's writing focused on description in order to achieve the effect of beauty. This claim is in fact valid enough. Many literature critiques mentioned how Oscar Wilde is "the master of imagery", they praised his cleverly used similes, metaphors, and his other techniques in the wide range of literature. 

    Not only just beauty, some people would argue that Oscar Wilde's play write career made his writings full of irony, satire, and sarcasm. Many have quoted those witty lines in Wilde's play just because how brutally but yet still humorously have Wilde spoke the truth of the world to his audiences, again.  


    In the four pages under this page, I humbly listed some outstanding rhetorical device used by Oscar Wilde and analyzed - one might say superficially analyzed - them.