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Author Study: Oscar Wilde Curated by Emily Liu '23

Love in The Nightingale and the Rose

Love needs scarification

The rose symbolized pure love. Throughout the story, pure love is the most important trait that affect each character’s crucial decisions. As what the nightingale has said, “Yet love is better than life”. The student weep for true love, the nightingale eventually sacrificed for true love, the lover ignorance and despise for true love, and all other animals find true love a rather ridicules fallacy.

Love in Oscar Wilde's Poems


Love for family members

Requiescat is a poem Wilde wrote to honor and reminisce his beloved sister who tragically died at the age of 10. Oscar Wilde has a deep connection with his sister, shown by how much he missed and grieved her in the poem.

The New Remorse

To love in different yet imperfect ways

The poem is about a narrator who still love their lover discuss about how their lover has a new company. In this poem there're two type of love:

The mutual love: from the narrator’s lover and their new company.

The one-way love: from the narrator to their lover

Roses and Rue

To reminisce the lost of love is a process

The poem is about a young lover mourn for their lost love. The narrator tried to reminisce the pure love they used to have by sank themselves in deep the memory of the days they spent with their lover. 

Love in A Woman of No Importance

How love is viewed within eyes of different people.

In the play, the topic love has been discussed several times. Oscar Wilde use contradicted characters to show how generation, sex, and background can shape a human’s view towards love differently.