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World War II

Resources for studying the events of World War II.

Subscription Databases

  • D-Day Invasion
  • D-Day Anniversary Speech: Ronald Reagan
  • History Reference Center
    • The Americans at D-Day: The American Experience at the Normandy Invasion
    • Remarks Commemorating the 38th Anniversary of the Normandy Invasion
  • Student Research Center
    • The Spy Who Saved D-Day
  • WWII: The D-Day Landings and the Battle for Normandy

Did You Know . . .

...that D-Day means "Deliverance Day."
 It was 
  • an historical collaboration between UK and US allies.
  • a massive land-air-sea assault.
  • an entricate deception plan, key to the D-day success.
  • the biggest emassing of military might in history.
  • the war that catapulated Eisenhower to US presidency.

D-Day Landing

6th June 1944: One of the first pictures of the D-Day landings in Normandy, showing US jeeps and men landing on the French coast.
D-Day Landings. Photographer. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 23 Apr 2012.

Operation Overlord Map

Three years in the making, Overlord was the code name for the Normandy invasion.

Today people call it D-Day.


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