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Mountains Beyond Mountains

Written by Tracy Kidder, Mountains Beyond Mountains focuses on the quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, an infectious disease specialist, who still strives to diagnose and cure infectious diseases in such places as Haiti, Cuba, Peru, and Russia.

Facts About Haiti

Capital: Port-au-Prince

Population: 9,648,924

Adult literacy rate: 55% (male); 51% (female)

Infant mortality rate: 77 per 1,000 births

Life expectancy: 30 (male); 30 (female)

Currency: Gourde

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Flag of Haiti


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Map of Haiti

Central Intelligence Agency

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Peter Haas: Haiti's disaster of engineering

Timeline of Haiti: Tropical Storms

2011 March - Michel Martelly wins presidential elections, according to provisional results.

2011 January - Presidential election run-off vote scheduled to be held on 16 January is postponed because of row over who should be on ballot.

Former president Jean-Claude Duvalier returns from exile, faces corruption and human rights abuse charges.

2010 December - Announcement of inconclusive provisional results of presidential election triggers violent protests.

2010 November - Presidential and parliamentary elections.

2010 October-December - Cholera outbreak claims over 2,500 lives and triggers violent protests.

2010 October - Run-up to presidential, parliamentary polls due on 28 November. Concern over exclusion of popular candidates.

2010 July - Popular anger grows over slow pace of reconstruction six months after quake.

2010 March - International donors pledge $5.3 billion for post-quake reconstruction at a donor conference at UN headquarters.

2010 January - Up to 300,000 people are killed when a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits the capital Port-au-Prince and its wider region - the worst in Haiti in 200 years.

US takes control of the main airport to ensure orderly arrival of aid flights.

2009 October-November - Jean-Max Bellerive becomes prime minister after the Senate passes censure motion against his predecessor, Michelle Pierre-Louis.

2009 July - World Bank and International Monetary Fund cancel $1.2bn of Haiti's debt - 80% of the total - after judging it to have fulfilled economic reform and poverty reduction conditions.

2009 May - Former US President Bill Clinton appointed UN special envoy to Haiti.

2008 November - A school in Port-au-Prince collapses with around 500 pupils and teachers inside. The authorities blame poor construction methods.

2008 September - Michele Pierre-Louis succeeds Jacques-Edouard Alexis as prime minister.

2008 August/September - Nearly 800 people are killed and hundreds are left injured as Haiti is hit by a series of devastating storms and hurricanes.