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Beijing: 7th Grade Class Trip: Key Historical Sites

The history of China for middle school learners.

Beijing Museum of Natural History

Name changed in 1962
Formerly called National Central Museum of Natural History

China National Museum

Built in 2003

The Drum Tower and Bell Tower

Originally built in Yuan Dynasty
The Drum Tower is the counterpart of the Bell Tower

Great Hall of the People

(1949 to present)
The Hall was constructed in 1959.

Forbidden City

Proper Behavior

In Tiananmen Square area proper behavior and respect are expected at all times. Guards are on duty nearby at all times and are far less tolerant than anywhere else....Please refrain from loud talking, political discussion and certainly the shouting of names. Chuckling and funny remarks are not appreciated and may very well land you in a political incident. Don't get arrested. Do not smuggle in Camera's or other recording devices." 

Map of Beijing

Forbidden Palace, Beijing
Forbidden Palace. Satellite image of the large complex of historical royal buildings known as the Forbidden Palace, in Beijing, China. Image taken by the Ikonos satellite on 26 April 2002.
Forbidden Palace, Beijing. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 17 Aug 2012.

Mao Zedong Memorial Hall

(1949 to present)
Chairman Mao's body lies in state in the Memorial Hall.

Monument to the People's Heroes

(1949 to present)
This monument was started in 1952
and completed in 1958.

The Olympic Green

Completed in 2008

Temple of Heaven