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Five Themes of Geography: Location

Knowing Location

The location of stations where students live

"The locations of properties that students live on are marked on a map on October 24, 2002, at Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia. Children are educated from The School of the Air via radio due to the distance they live from outback schools...."

The Location Of Stations Where Students Live.Photographer. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 10 Aug 2012.

What is "Location"?

 Location answers the question "Where on the earth's surface"?

There are two kinds of location:

Absolute Location - is the exact location of a place that can pinpointed on the earth. A latitude and longitude grid system can indicate absolute location. Sometimes it can have a letter-number coordinates as well.

Relative Location - is how the place is located in relation to other places. 

East Asia 3D

Recommended Web Resources

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Web Search Tips

  • Use quotations around your word set
  • After your "word set," add pertinent words
    • "relative location" "South Korea"
  • Truncate a word using an asterik *
    • geograph*
  • Add a specific domain to narrow your results
  • Try different combinations for other results
    • "absolute location" China
    • "relative location" Japan
  • Put a minus sign in front of words you don't want
    • "relative location" -wikipedia