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Summer Reading for Middle School: Charles Higson

Reading makes your head and heart grow stronger. Websites, videos, and books to help middle school students develop their love of reading.

Charlie Higson

Charlie Higson

You Tube: The Fear by Charlie Higson

"First came The Enemy, then came The Dead. Now this is THE FEAR! Charlie Higson's terrifying new book is out now. The scary opening of the trailer echoes shows a rotting adult zombie (with an uncanny resemblance to Charlie Higson) attempting to break into a room of terrified children. The zombie appears intent on eating the children but there is a surprising twist in the plot."

Books by Charlie Higson

In the Phoenix Center Library collection:
  • mF = Middle School fiction similar to a PG movie
  • YA = Young Adult fiction similar to a PG-13 movie
  •   F = Adult