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Summer Reading for Middle School: M. G. Harris

Reading makes your head and heart grow stronger. Websites, videos, and books to help middle school students develop their love of reading.

You Tube: The Joshua Files: Invisible City by MG Harris - book trailer

You Tube: Dark Parallel - Joshua Files by MG Harris

"One boy. One deadly prophecy. One heart-stopping adventure. This is how the world will end: on 22 December, an electromagnetic pulse will blast through the atmosphere. Technology will fail. Civilization will fall apart. The key to survival lies in a secret Mayan book, protected by Josh and an ancient society. But someone has altered time. To put it back on track, Josh must unravel history itself and face the dangers of a dark, parallel reality. The fourth book in the internationally bestselling sequence."

Books by M. G. Harris

In the Phoenix Center Library collection:
  • mF = Middle School fiction-grades 5-8
  • YA = Young Adult fiction-ages 12-18
  •   F = Adult
The Library has the Joshua sequels on the shelf!