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Grade 4: Historical Perspectives

American Revolution Resources

The History of Slavery

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" 

--George Santayana-1905


What is slavery?

Slavery is the unjust practice of "owning" human beings and making them do exhaustive work without pay and restricting all freedoms including freedom of movement, freedom of marriage, freedom of choice, and more. --United Nations Human Rights


Does slavery still exist today?

While most people agree that slavery is wrong, slavery does still exist.  We refer tho this is modern day slavery because it has changed and adapted and continues to harm people in every country around the world.  Victims include women, children, and men who are controlled dby their exploiters  and no longer have a free choice and have to do what they are told.  there is an estimated 40.3 million people in modern slavery--International Labour Organization.

Facts of Slavery for Kids

American Slavery through Books

Famous Heroes/Heroines of Bravery, Courage, & Resilience

Videography about the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Middle Passage

American Slavery Through Photos

Civil War