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Grade 4: overview

American Revolution Resources

America's History

"I would like for young people to know that each day of your life is a journey into history, you have the ability to change something each day of your life. Believe it or not, people, it can't happen without you."

--Lynda Blackmon Lowery


What does "civil rights" mean?

Civil rights are basic rights that every citizen has under the laws of the government. In the United States the civil rights of each individual citizen are protected by the Constitution. Civil rights for every person means that regardless of gender, skin color, religion, nationality, age, disability, or religion, a person should not be discriminated against. Civil rights include the right to free speech, privacy, religion, assembly, a fair trial, and freedom of thought. The term "civil rights" comes from the Latin term "ius civis", which means "rights of a citizen." Anyone who is considered a citizen of a country should be treated equally under the law. 
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