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Industrial Revolution

Richard Arkwright: Father of the British Industrial Revolution

Sir Richard Arkwright invented the water frame for spinning cotton. He opened the world's first water-powered cotton mill in Derbyshire, England.
Joseph Wright of Derby, Oil on Canvas. [c.1789-1790]. From Derby Museum & Art Gallery.

Matthew Boulton - Steam-powered Coin-minting Machinery

Isambard Kingdom Brunel - Builder of railroad lines, tunnels, bridges, steamships

Abraham Darby - Coke-smelting

Rowland Hill - Prepaid Mail & First Postage Stamps

Guglielmo Marconi - Transatlantic Signal from Cornwall, England, to Canada

Andrew Meikle - (Scottish) Water-Powered Threshing Machine

Thomas Newcomen - Atmospheric Steam Engine

James Watt - Improved Steam Engine