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SAT Review: Magazines Online

Look through this LibGuide for SAT materials.

Reading Magazines Online

Click on one of these magazines, read something new, and expand your mind.

Reading enriches your writing. The SAT essay demands that you provide support for your thesis, using facts drawn from history, politics, science, literature, or current events via daily readings. 

You've got to read to acquire words to enrich your writing to be a "wordsmith"!

The Economist

Read about politics, economics, and the world.


Anna Quindlen (columnist)

George Will (columnist)


The Atlantic

Read the features and the Atlantic Voices.

New York Times Magazine

Read the op-ed page daily. Read the Science Times on Tuesdays. Read the Week in Review on Sundays.

The Smithsonian

Enjoy informative articles.


Read the News & Politics section.


Read the Editor's Picks.