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SAT Review: SAT Home

Look through this LibGuide for SAT materials.

Studying for the SAT

Welcome to Concordia's SAT Review Portal.

The goals of this SAT Prep program is to
  • help students study effectively for the SAT and PSAT
  • help students focus on developing the skills that are tested in the three main sections of the SAT: Math, Reading, and Writing. 

We encourage all students to set goals and work systematically and diligently toward them throughout their studies to develop and own the skills prerequisite not only for further formal education but also for life-long learning.

NYT Learning Network

The New York Times offers its awesome "Learning Network" blog where the students can comment on news; take a daily news quiz; do a crossword puzzle; get ideas from readers; participate in the NYT summer reading contest; click on "On this Day" to explore a day in history; check out Finding Dulcinea with whom the NYT is collaborating; and more.

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy SAT

A full-length test is available for download provided by the College Board.  Watch the videos of Sal working through the problems on the test.

Breakfast of Champions

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Note from the College Board:  "What are the guidelines for snacks during the SAT?
"Snacks may be consumed during breaks, but generally they are not permitted to be eaten in the testing room. However, students with a medical need may request permission to eat or drink during the test as an accommodation."

Focusing on the Exam

Students take a mock SAT exam during the 2012 Summer SAT Program.

NYT SAT Success

This 45-page document is the New York Times Newspaper in Education Curriculum Guide which focuses on reading and writing skills using the paper as a foundation to acquire knowledge to enhance your reading and writing.


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Vocabulary Vixens


These flashcards were created by one individual, based upon mostly Latin and Greek root words, suffixes and prefixes, though all are lumped together as "roots," which is not accurate but still useful.


PENCILS.. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 20 May 2013.

Grammar Gurus

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Nearly all of the websites below incude grammar quizzes you can take at your own pace, with correct answers explained.

Many Thanks To Gloria Chandler

Many thanks to Gloria Chandler, former High School teacher, for her dedication, research and contributions to creating this LibGuide.

Gloria Chandler