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Leadership: Speech Types

Use this Libguide to find information on leaders of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Click on the different tabs to see what the library has to offer on the subject of Leadership.


For an Informational Speech, you have an opportunity to inform your audience by fully describing and explaining your topic. You will need factual data about your topic. Within this LibGuide, there are many web resource links to factual data.

Check the online Reference collection at ipl2 (Internet Public Library). It includes online Encylopedias.

However, don't forget to search in some of our subscription databases. DB choice depends on your topic:

Web Resources


For a Persuasive Speech, you will need to read and learn about your topic--all its pros and cons of your topic issues.

Like a lawyer, you have to build your argument. Here are some databases you can use to build your arguments.

Web Resources


A Demonstrative Speech is one in which you will demonstrate to your audience how to do something. Pick one of the "how-to's" below and fill-in the blank with the idea you want to research.
  • How to do...
  • How to make...
  • How to fix...
  • How to use...

A Demonstrative Speech will often include a live demonstration, so you have to budget your time.

Web Resources

Speech as Art

by Bret Jordan Flickr


A Commemorative Speech should evoke emotion in both the speaker and the audience.

Commemorative speeches often pay tribute to a specific person, group, place, event, or idea. These speeches focus more on the emotions to be felt than the content in the speech.

Therefore, your topic research won't be as in depth as it would be for an informative or persuasive or demonstrative speech.

If you do choose to write a commemorative speech, it might help you to research in one of our history databases:

Web Resources