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The Tragic Hero in Greek Drama

Introduction to Oedipus Rex

This  LibGuide seeks to ground students in Greek drama by providing the context of Attic performance and other artwork of fifth century Athens, in addition to offering study guides and a PowerPoint presentation for the study of Sophocles's play Oedipus Rex.

The LibGuide includes images of amphitheaters, Greek vases, as well as masks of comedy and tragedy. The LibGuide details books and data bases available to Concordia students so that they may access a wide range of material to support their studies.

Powerpoint Presentation

Material created or compiled by Eileen Bach may be used with permission in the classroom but may not be used with distance or online learning programs. Please credit Eileen Bach, Concordia International School Shanghai.

All ppt files can be opened by Mac Keynote.

Oedipus Rex

'Antigone leads Oedipus out of Thebes', Charles Francois Jalabert, (1843). Source: