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Grade 5 Science: Matter and its interactions


Explore these material to learn more about matter and the nature of matter.


What does this video make you think of?

Time Lapse Video.

Think about:

1. What do you think happened to the rust that was on the steel?

2. Do you have any ideas about why putting oil on the steel kept it from rusting again?

You've watched what happens to a penny in vinegar, a weak acid. What happens if you put a penny in nitric acid, a strong acid?

This experiment is too dangerous to try in your classroom, but it is interesting to watch. In this video scientist Wayne Breslyn demonstrates how to do the experiment safely. 

The reaction creates a brown gas called nitrogen dioxide, which is dangerous to breathe. The humming your hear in the video is the fan of a fume hood. The fume hood removes the nitrogen dioxide so that no one will breathe it.


Watch this video and learn about the accidental invention of Silly Putty.