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Creating a Book Trailer: Home

One Book - Three Examples

Sisters by Raina Telgemier


Book Trailers -- WHAT and WHY

A book trailer is a short, promotional video that encapsulates the essence of a book, similar to how a movie trailer previews a film. It's designed to pique interest and entice viewers to read the book. These trailers often include cinematic sequences, thematic imagery, music, and narration that convey the book's tone and hook without revealing too much. 



Your team will create a 30-90 second book trailer for the Battle book you had over winter holiday.


  1. Watch several book trailers, both professional and amature
  2. Brainstorm your book's themes and style or tone
  3. List main characters, setting, and the initial conflict that get's the story going
  4. Draft a script
    1. images/audio that will be seen/heard
    2. voiceover or written text
    3. the overall arc (first few seconds until the very end)
  5. Find images and audio that will support your script
  6. Use iMovie to start creating!

Ethically Sourced

Ideas to Include

  • image of book cover
  • image of author
  • testimonials / book endorsements
  • a good quote from early in the book that encapsulates what the book is about
  • the main conflict
  • questions as to how to resolve conflict
  • the premise of the book
  • a cliffhanger
  • where to find it in the Phoenix Library