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Concordia Librarians

Lisa Toner

EC/ES Librarian

Helen Hong

EC/ES Library Assistant

Amanda Kuang

EC/ES Library Assistant

Jordan Williams

MS/HS Librarian

Ellen Zhang

MS/HS Library Assistant


Welcome to the Concordia Shanghai Libraries

We are a haven for curious minds, where imagination takes flight and lifelong learning blooms. Shelves whisper secrets, inviting you to explore worlds fantastical and real. Reading becomes a shared adventure, a tapestry woven from diverse voices. Here, research skills blossom, questions find sanctuary, and collaboration fuels discovery. Relax, wander, transform. This is your library: where curiosity takes root and knowledge becomes your compass.

Library Hours

Division Student Times Parent Times

7:45a - 4:30p

7:45a - 8:00a

3:50p - 4:30p

MS/HS 7:30a - 4:30p

7:30a - 10:25a

1:30p - 3:15p

3:50p - 4:30p