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Major Battles of WWII: Post World War II

Cold War Lead-in

The Cold War
by Simon Adams
327 ADA
The United States in the Cold War, 1945-1989
by Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier
327.73 COL
The Causes of the Cold War
by Stewart Ross
327.730 ROS
The Cold War: A History in Documents
by Allan M. Winkler
909.8 WIN
Historical Dictionary of U.S. Diplomacy Since the Cold War
by Tom Lansford
R 973.928 LAN


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World War II Reparations

World War II: Almanac
by George Feldman; edited by Christine Slovey
R 940.53 WOR


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Founding of the United Nations - 1945

Founding of the United Nations, San Francisco conference, 25 April - 26 June 1945.
Founding Of The UN / San Francisco/ 1945. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 26 Apr 2012.