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Dan Gemeinhart: Home

Visiting author March 2020.

Introducing Author Dan Gemeinhart

Dan Gemeinhart is a former elementary-school teacher-librarian and lifelong book nerd. He was born in Germany and grew up moving a lot because his dad was in the Army. He and his wife Karen taught and lived overseas (in Cairo, Egypt), before settling down in a small town in Washington state. That's where the couple lives these days with their three daughters. Gemeinhart worked as a teacher-librarian in an elementary school for 14 years, sharing his love of books with his students, before becoming a full-time author. He loves camping, cooking, baking and traveling. His newest book is The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise, which is available (along with his other books) in the Concordia library.

Find out more about Gemeinhart and his books at his website,

Gemeinhart's books in our library

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