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The Concordia library is here to support the students, staff and parents in their search for quality books, online resources, and learning opportunities. This guide is designed to help answer questions about the library for our community.

Circulation Policy

Students: Books and other non-reference materials may be borrowed for two weeks.

a. Preschool and Pre- K: 2 books

b. Kindergarten: 2 books

c. 1st Grade: 3 books

d. 2nd Grade: 4 books

e. 3rd Grade: 5 books

f. 4th Grade: 6 books

g. 5th through 12th Grade: 10 books

Teachers: Teachers may check out up to 30 items from the general collection and/or the audiovisual collection for a 30-day period.

Parents: Parents may borrow 10 books and/or other non-reference materials from the general collection for a two-week period.  Parents must have their school I.D. card to borrow books.


  • When a student forgets her library card, she will need to provide her student identification number to check out materials.  Students caught using someone else’s identification to check out library materials will be reported to the appropriate principal for punishment.

Renewals Policy

Materials may be renewed for an additional loan period in several ways:

  • At the Circulation Desk
  • Online with a Destiny Account
  • Via email

Items with a hold placed on them may not be renewed.

Holds Policy

Any patron may place a hold on any item currently checked out. Holds can be placed by circulation desk staff or online by the patron with their Destiny account.

Patrons will be notified via email when the item is available.

Fees Policy

Overdue fees

At this time, Concordia does not charge for overdue items.   We simply ask borrowers to return the materials in a timely manner.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Students will be charged a replacement cost, which includes the cost of the book, or A/V items plus an additional 40% for fees incurred from overseas shipping costs and customs clearance. The price of the book is determined by the corresponding list price in the school’s library database or the price of the most closely comparable resource, if that item is no longer available. Money for damaged or lost books is due as soon as the damage or loss is determined. If fees are not reconciled by year’s end, then students’ grades will be withheld until library obligations are resolved.

PC Library Rules

Phoenix Library Rules

Clean up after yourself

Keep the sound below 65 Decibels

Be Respectful

Always bring your books back

Collaborate, Communicate, Create

Ask lots of questions

Read, Research, and Reflect!