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A Thousand Splendid Suns: Afghanistan

Map of Afghanistan

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Country Facts

The flag of Afghanistan, most recently adopted in 2004, consists of three vertical bands of black, red, and green. In the center, the coat of arms features a mosque, sheaves of wheat, and the Muslim declaration of faith: “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.”

Capital: Kabul
Population: 29,835,392
Human Dev. Index: 172 of 182 countries
Gender Inequality Index: 141 of 155 countries
GDP (PPP) per capita: $900
Adult literacy rate: 43% (male); 13% (female)
Infant mortality rate: 149 per 1,000 births
Life expectancy: 45 (male); 45 (female)
Currency: Afghani

Ethnic Makeup

Ethnic Breakdown:
  • Pashtun 42%
  • Tajik 27%
  • Hazara 9%
  • Uzbek 9%
  • Aimak 4%
  • Turkmen 3%
  • Baloch 2%
  • Other 4%
Languages Spoken:
  • Pashtu (official) 35%
  • Afghan Persian (Dari) 50%
  • Turkic languages (primarily Uzbek and Turkmen) 11%
  • 30 minor languages (primarily Balochi and Pashai) 4%

Country Reports: