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Grade 3: Overview

Discover more about UNESCO and some of the places in the world which are culturally important

Verbal Reasoning

What's the Best Word? Solve the mystery by finding the best word to complete the comparison.

Pairing up Words Did you know that "analogy" means similarity or comparison? Try to find the pair of words that best matches the example given...


Choose the correct word to match the definition...try to become an eWord Champ!

Vocabulary Learning Games for every Grade:

Click on the number for your grade level and head on over to loads of brain-stretching games!

Reading Comprehension


How much did you understand?

When you read something, how much do you really understand? Challenge that part of your brain with these funs little stories and associated questions.

Understanding Setting, Plot and Theme

Cause and Effect: What happened and why?

Can You Solve the Case?

What do you know about Dolphins?

Writing Mechanics

Spell check - find the misspelled word

Word Confusion - These words sound the same but only one has the right meaning for the sentence. Can you find them?

Complete Sentence or not? - detemine if the phase makes a complete sentence or is just a fragment of a sentence. Learn a hint for determining which is which.

Reading for Understanding

Working Your Brain



For lots of fun brain-challenging games, head over to JumpStart. Try the worksheets or activities that are grade related for subjects such as reading and writing, math and critical thinking. But might have so much fun, you'll keep going back for more! Great for ages kindergarten through 5th Grade.

Quantitative Reasoning

Is this number bigger? Is that fraction equivalent? Take a turn at practicing ordering numbers and figuring out equivalent fractions to see how well you can solve these math challenges.

Geometry Challenge:

How many triangles do you see?  
How many squares do you see? 

Function Machine: A number goes into the machine and a new number comes out - find the math function(s) that make this happen.

What's my Pattern? Have fun with dragons, caterpillars and more as you find the order and pattern to the numbers.



Writing Concepts & Skills


Grade 3:

Two Sisters and the Cat - Build a story by choosing the right sentence.

Puzzling Pictures - join Arthur and his PBS friends as you put pictures in the right order to learn the story of their adventures.

Grade 4:

What happened first? - Can you remember what order things happened in? Test your memory with these passages and questions.

Putting things in order - Put the sentences in the right order to tell the story!

Math Communictions