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The Enlightenment: Subscription Databases

AP History


Research Tips-Enlightenment

- Remember to use quotations around sets of words like "Scientific Revolution" instead of Scientific Revolution
- Used the following words in bold to get better results:
    AND: Search for related words/phrases together - helps to narrow the results
    OR: either or option - helps to broaden the results
    NOT: exclude any undesired option


Try these terms:

- Voltaire
- Enlightenment
- 18th century europe
- Rousseau
- Diderot
- Catherine the Great
- Joseph II
- Maria Theresa
- Louis XVI
- Enlightened despotism
- Frederick the Great



Databases to learn about the Enlightenment


JSTOR contains full-text collections of scholarly journals and articles. Here are few suggested articles to start your search. Once you click on an article, you will be prompted to login for further research.