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The Good Earth: Chinese Culture and History: Foot binding

The time period of Pearl S. Buck's The Good Earth spans 1882-1939. This LibGuide will cover the history of the Chinese Exclusion Act, the Boxer Uprising, and the Russo-Japanese War.

Foot Binding in China

Foot binding, China

'Historical artwork of a young Chinese woman binding her feet with bandages. In a practice that lasted one thousand years, young girls had their feet tightly bandaged to prevent them growing any longer than 15 centimetres. This led to painful deformities that made walking extremely difficult. It was common amongst the middle and upper classes and was seen as a mark of wealth as the women would need to be carried around and served by attendants. Foot binding was banned in 1912 with the end of imperial Chinese rule."
Foot Binding, China. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 5 Aug 2012.

NPR Morning Edition

Virtual View: Qing Dynasty Merchant's House

 This house mirrors what Good Earth protagonist Wang Lung's home would have probably looked like once he achieved wealth.

Classroom Video On Demand: Foot-Binding in China

Foot binding

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