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Elementary School Battle of the Books (CCA)

Fourth Grade Co-Curricular Activity

Elementary School Battle Booklist

What is Battle of the Books?

This is the first year that we will have an Elementary School Battle of the Books for fourth graders as a CCA option! On March 8th, 2019, teams of fourth graders will gather to share their love of reading and have a good time. Teams will participate in hands-on book activities; collaborative meetings and discussions; have lunch together; meet award-winning author Laurel Snyder; discuss the books read; and answer questions in the final battle to determine the winning team! The structure of the game will stimulate curiosity and enthusiasm! The game format creates interest and excitement and the  collaborative challenge for the battle winner will encourage excitement, amplify student's voices in public speaking, confidence in what they know, diversify student's reading interest, improve reading skills, acquire a broad knowledge base and directly influence their joy of reading! The competition is fun, but the goal of the event is to read. Are you ready to BATTLE?