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Author Study: Gabriel García Márquez Curated by Emma Ferguson '18

Latin America's greatest magical realist, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Friendship with Fidel Castro

Throughout his life, Marquez was a staunch Liberal, and became great personal friends with Fidel Castro, who even edited some of Marquez' works. Their friendship is best described through a series of quotes.

 ''Progress in France lies with Mitterrand, in Latin America with Fidel Castro.'' (Marquez)

"[I request Fidel to edit all my manuscripts] because he is a very good reader...One time, not without a hint of melancholy, he said to me: 'In my next life, I want to be a writer.'" (Marquez)

“I cannot calculate the number of prisoners, dissidents and conspirators that I have helped, in absolute silence, to be freed from jail or emigrate from Cuba over at least 20 years.” (Marquez)

"Garcia Marquez is the most powerful man in Latin America." (Castro)

Marquez has come under heavy criticism several times for failing to publicly condemn Castro for his dictatorial cruelties. It is suggested that he had heavy power with the Castro regime to negotiate the freeing of so-called "dissidents", which he would have lost had he publicly condemned it.


[A]lthough my father is a conservative, my grandfather the Colonel was a liberal. My political ideas probably came from him to begin with because, instead of telling me fairy-tales when I was young, he would regale me with horrifying accounts of the last civil war that free-thinkers and anti-clerics waged against the conservative government. My grandfather also told me about the massacre of the banana workers which took place in Aracataca the year I was born. So you see my family influenced me towards rebellion rather than towards upholding the established order.

-Gabriel Garcia Marquez