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Author Study: Terry Pratchett Curated by Ryuichi Yanagi '18: List of Works


Terry Pratchett is most well known for his Discworld series, of which there are 41 novels and multiple short stories. However, that isn't to say the series is sequential. In fact, most of the series occurs at different places over similar timelines - fans of his novels have created a timeline of the Discworld

An additional feature of this disjointed timeline throughout the series is that there are multiple starting points:

  • There is the Witches sub-series, with the first novel introducing the first Witch in Equal Rites
  • There is the City Watch sub-series, starting with Guards! Guards!
  • There is the Rincewind sub-series, the first series started with the first book written of Discworld, The Colour of Magic
  • There is the Death sub-series, starting with Mort
  • There is the Industrial Revolution series, with Moving Pictures
  • There is the Moist von Lipwig series, with Going Postal

‚ÄčA graphic showing the reading order taken from Krzystof K. Kietzman: