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Author Study: Charlotte Brontë Curated by Pearl Au-Yeung '17

This libguide provides thorough description and analysis of Charlotte Brontë and her works.

The Professor Criticisms

The Romantic

Charlotte Brontë worked as a teacher outside of the UK. There, she fell in love with her coworker, who was conveniently married. 

But Brontë was obsessed. She pursued him even after she moved back to England, writing and sending letters to him everyday, professing her love. He didn't write back. 

Eventually, the man's wife wrote to Brontë, telling Brontë to stop. 

Brontë ignored this and continued on everyday without fail. 

Finally, the man's wife came up with a set of terms and conditions, telling Bronteë that she may write once every six months. 

I believe Charlotte Brontë lived her love life vicariously through her characters.